You can download free, or buy copies of, a useful guide to nursing home problems produced by the National Senior Citizens Law Center. Just click here.

The guide covers problems in areas ranging from admissions and payment to care-related issues and evictions.

Each topic begins with “What You Hear” answered by a brief statement of “The Facts.” Here are a few examples:

What You Hear: “We can’t admit your mother unless you sign the admission agreement as a ‘Responsible Party.’” The Facts: A nursing home cannot require anyone but the resident to be financially responsible for nursing home expenses.

What You Hear: “Medicaid does not pay for the service that you want.” The Facts: A Medicaid-eligible resident is entitled to the same level of service provided to any other nursing home resident.

What You Hear: “You must leave the nursing home because you are refusing medical treatment.” The Facts: Refusal of treatment, by itself, is not an allowable reason for eviction.

Each topic then contains a detailed explanation of the law supporting the patient’s rights.

The guide is a highly readable resource for patients and their families. But as the guide cautions, it is “not a substitute for the independent judgment and skills of an attorney or other professional. If you require legal or other expert advice, please consult a competent professional in your geographic area.”

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