Several figures used to calculate income for spouses of Medicaid applicants have risen slightly, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare announced.

When calculating a spouse’s monthly maintenance needs allowance, the Department uses standard utility figures. The heating standard is used when the spouse’s heating and cooling costs are billed separately from rent or mortgage costs. When the spouse pays separate utility costs other than phone, but not heating or cooling costs, the Department applies the non-heating standard. When the spouse’s only separate utility cost is for phone charges, the telephone standard is used.

The latest figures are:

Heating: $536/month

Non-Heating: $278/month

Telephone: $33/month 

These figures are all part of a formula used to determine the needs allowance. Though announced recently, they are effective back to October 1, 2011.

You can always find the most current Medicaid numbers at this page of our website.

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