Financial Planners Program

The Power of Collaboration

Over the years, we have learned that the most effective plans — and the most satisfied clients — are the result of close collaboration. Not just between our firm and the client, although that is of course vital. But also between our firm and other professionals. The fact is comprehensive, successful plans require a multidisciplinary approach and demand expertise in many different specialize fields.

stock-photo-10094486-altogetherAt Sykes Elder Law we frequently work with many professionals including Accountants, Stock Brokers, Real Estate Professionals, Insurance Professionals and Banking Professionals.  However the group we find ourselves working with most often is financial planners and advisors.

We can work with your clients however makes you most comfortable.  One way that has been very successful is for us to present one of our estate planning workshops exclusively for your clients.  We have also held joint meetings or simply worked on a referral basis.

Our friend refer their valued clients to us for one very important reason: we make them look good.  Our mastery of the law and proven ability to efficiently design and implement a complete spectrum of trusts and other legal planning documents augments their own services and makes for  satisfied clients.

In short, referring your clients to our firm is a classic win-win situation.  We, of course, get new business.  Meanwhile, your clients get properly designed and executed legal planning documents, and value their relationship with you even more for recommending an experienced law firm.  We are also able to help protect their wealth from the challenges of aging including: long term care, medicaid planning, and beyond their life.  Through estate planning, wills and trusts we insure their wealth is secure for the next generation.  If you are interested, please fill out this form below or contact us.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you soon, and well into the future.

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