Living Will Attorney

A living will is a form of “healthcare directive” that conveys your healthcare wishes to family members, physicians and other healthcare providers if you have an end-stage medical condition (a condition which will result in death, despite the introduction or continuation of medical treatment), or are permanently unconscious (such as in an irreversible coma or a persistent vegetative state) and there is no realistic hope of significant recovery.

At Sykes Elder Law in Pittsburgh, we draft a broad healthcare directive that contains (1) a healthcare power of attorney wherein you name an “agent” to make treatment decisions for you, and (2) a “living will” wherein you give specific directions to your agent and to your healthcare provider.

While most of us would rather not think about being ill or dying, thinking about these issues now can save your family and other loved ones the burden of having to make these choices for you. To discuss a PA living will, or healthcare directive please contact us at our Pittsburgh, PA offices.

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