Pet Trust Attorney

To many people, a pet is as beloved as any other member of the family.

Pennsylvania law now recognizes trusts established for the benefit of animals, thus paving the way for the growing trend toward pet trusts.

There are two varieties of pet trusts:

  • a “testamentary” trust contained in your will that will take effect following your death; and
  • an “inter vivos” trust, established during your lifetime. An inter vivos trust can have the advantage of taking effect once you become unable to care for your pet, perhaps due to accident or disability. Your will, on the other hand, may not be read until after someone has given away your pet.

At Sykes Elder Law, we can help you establish a pet trust tailored to your circumstances, to help you provide for your “non-human family members.”

Learn more: “State trust act puts bite into pet care” article published in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette October 25, 2007

Providing for non-human family members with a pet trust” article by Andrew G. Sykes in our 2007 archives

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