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Medicaid Current Numbers

If you are unfamiliar with the terms in the table below, please read our blog post, Guide to Medicaid Current Numbers in PA

1. CSRA Minimum a$26,0761/1/21
2. CSRA Maximum a$130,3801/1/21
3. Minimum MMNA b$2,155/month7/1/20
4. Maximum MMNA a$3,259/month
5. Shelter Standard c
6. Personal Needs Allowance$45/month7/1/07
7. Home Maintenance Deduction$816.10 (6 month limit)1/1/21
8. Penalty Divisor$11,099.04/month
9. Resource Limit$2,400 if income ≥ $2,382/month,
$8,000 if income <$2,382/month
10. Excess Home Equity Limit$603,0001/1/21
a – Annual CPI Adjustment
b – 150% of poverty level—family of 2
c – 30% of Minimum MMNA
These figures compiled as a service of Sykes Elder Law, LLC.


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