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Protecting assets from nursing home spend-down

$110,383. That is the average cost of one year of nursing care in Pennsylvania.[i] What will those costs do to a senior’s life savings in three years? Five years? How will your spouse survive financially? These are the questions that bring many of our clients to the...

You can challenge beneficiary designations, as in a will contest

If you were cheated out of your inheritance because your sister convinced Dad to change his will, leaving everything to her, you probably know you can contest Dad’s will after he dies. But what if your sister convinces Dad to change all the beneficiary designations on...

What if something bad happens to the beneficiary of your will?

You’re having your Last Will and Testament prepared, and you’ve decided on the beneficiaries who will inherit your estate. Good job! I always say any planning is better than no planning. To have a great estate plan, though, I urge you to consider what might happen to...