Medicaid Planning Lawyer

We see sad cases all the time:

  • A couple spends over $80,000 on nursing home care after the wife could have qualified for Medicaid.
  • Another couple spends down half of their life savings after being denied Medicaid. Then the husband dies, leaving his wife to live on Social Security and diminished savings. With proper planning, the spent money could have been used to provide future income for the wife.
  • Countless other avoidable cases of future insecurity due to lost savings and income.

We’re here to help you find a better way.

If you have a wife or husband who needs nursing care, come in for an in-depth review of your situation with our Certified Elder Law Attorney, who can help you:

  • map out how you can pay for nursing home care
  • look for ways to protect life savings and boost future income for the wife or husband still at home
  • where some spend-down is necessary, find ways that will benefit you or your spouse
  • see whether there is a penalty-free way to transfer property or assets to a disabled child, caregiver son or daughter, or other family members
  • search for other ways to provide greater security, peace of mind, and asset protection.

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