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Who has capacity to make a will?

Fundamental to the validity of any last will and testament is that the testator (person whose will it is, and who is signing the documents) had capacity at the time of execution. By statute, a testator in Pennsylvania must be “of sound mind” to make a will. (20 Pa....

Asset protection: saving your house with a trust

For many middle class seniors, the house is one of their major assets – sometimes the most valuable asset. I’m often asked, “How do I save my house from being lost to nursing home costs?” The answer in many situations is through the use of an asset protection trust...

Where to probate a will in Pennsylvania

Clients often wonder where a loved one’s will is filed to begin the probate process. The answer is that a person’s will must be filed in the county in which that person resided at the time of death. On a Pennsylvania death certificate, look at box 8d, titled Residence...