Keeping abreast of the latest developments in elder law, our attorneys attended
the 13th Annual Elder Law Institute in Hershey, sponsored by the Pennsylvania
Bar Institute.

Managing Attorney Andrew Sykes conducted a session titled “Creative Solutions: Medicaid Case Studies.”

Sykes Elder Law attorneys attended sessions on such topics as:

  • Estate and Asset Protection Planning for Owners of Oil, Gas & Mineral Rights
  • PA’s New Assisted Living Regulations
  • The Use – and Abuse – of Annuities
  • Dealing with Reversible Mental Incapacity
  • Getting the Most from Home and Community Based Services for Your Client – Waiver and More
  • Caregiver Agreements: How to Use Them with Medicaid and VA Benefits Planning
  • Wrapping a Medicare Set-Aside into a Self-Settled Special Needs Trust
  • Revocable Living Trusts: They’re Not Just to Avoid Probate Anymore

Staying current helps us provide great service to clients. If any of these topics affect
you or someone you know, please call for an appointment.

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